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독자의 Flow Cytometry(FCM) 기술로 효과적인 진단을 지원합니다.
안정된 기능성으로 검사 효율화 실현
반도체 레이저를 사용한 Flow Cytometry(FCM)법으로, 요중 유형성분을 분석합니다. FCM법에 의해 얻은 전방산란광 · 측방형광 · 측방산란광 등의 정보를 토대로, 혈액분석장치에서 얻은 세포분석 기술을 사용하여 요중 유형성분을 정밀하게 분획합니다. 특히 임상의의 니즈가 높은 적혈구, 백혈구, 세균을 포함한 5항목에서 신뢰성 높은 정량(/μL) 데이터를 제공합니다.
요로감염증 및 신장 · 비뇨기계 질환의 진단 · 치료에 필요한 정보를 제공
혈뇨판정에는 정확한 적혈구수의 측정이 중요합니다. 또한 혈구 수의 측정은 요로감염증의 약효평가에도 중요한 역할을 하고 있습니다. 이에 필요한 정확한 검사결과를 제공합니다.
요 스크리닝 검사의 효율화 가속
데이터 관리에는 혈액분석장치에서 사용되는 IPU(Information Processing Unit)와 동일한 방식을 채택하였습니다. 측정 데이터의 유용한 활용을 가능하게 하는 해석 프로그램과 업무흐름을 효과적으로 지원하는 처리 프로그램을 다양하게 준비하여 임상 검사실 전체의 업무효율화에 기여합니다.
"이 제품은 "의료기기"이며, "사용상의 주의사항"과 "사용방법"을 잘 읽고 사용하십시오"
광고심의필: 2014-I10-32-2187

이 제품은 "의료기기"이며, "사용상의 주의사항"과 "사용방법"을 잘 읽고 사용하십시오
광고심의필 : 심의번호 2014-I10-32-2188
Comprehensive, efficient urinalysis
The UF-1000i has two separate analysis channels: one for bacteria, and one for all other particles. This lets you optimise your analysis with specifically adapted reagents in each channel (fluorescence marker and diluent). It also means you can selectively analyse either bacteria, or the complete profile of all particles. For a full list of parameters, please click on specifications.

The UF-1000i detects bacteria, leucocytes and yeast-like cells, and therefore covers all three main indicators for urinary tract infections in one go. So you can easily distinguish between a contamination, inflammation, bacterial or mycotic infection. You also have clinically useful information on haematuria and urine concentration at your disposal thanks to RBC characterisation and urine conductivity.
Speed and efficiency
We have focused specifically on enhancing productivity and making the device more efficient to use. Thanks to an unattended walkaway function that allows continuous feeding of samples, and auto-validation with no image review or classification, you can significantly enhance your productivity.

The UF-1000i can analyse up to 100 samples per hour. And because turnaround time has been cut dramatically, you can have your results and communicate them in minutes, instead of the standard hours-long wait. That’s good for you, and good for patients.
Fluorescence Flow Cytometry for greater accuracy and speed
Unlike standard urinalysis devices, the UF-1000i offers two analysis technologies: fluorescence flow cytometry (FFC) with hydrodynamic focusing, and regular conductometry.

This offers significant benefits over standard analysers. The diode lasers used in our unique FFC method last significantly longer than standard gas lasers, are smaller, and use significantly less power.

The FFC combined with hydrodynamic focusing and refined lenses is capable of analytically classifying over 65,000 particles per sample. By specifically labelling nucleic acids contained in urinary particles with fluorescence markers, the UF-1000i can automatically categorise particles based on several criteria (outer shape, inner complexity, surface structure, DNA content, etc.) instead of just size and appearance. This improves reproducibility and standardisation, an important attribute for accredited laboratories. And because hydrodynamic focusing means the device looks at a large analysis volume in the given time, it’s more sensitive.

Importantly, it can also analyse turbid samples.
Quality control and reagents
The high quality of our devices and service always distinguishes us from the competition. Our focus on quality control is no different. The QC programme in the UF-1000i offers ample storage space for QC data (10,000 samples and information on 5,000 patients). And our UF II CONTROL material makes daily QC easy. You can enter lot information and target values via a barcode scanner – which saves time and prevents manual errors. It’s available in two concentrations for result values in the high and slightly pathologic range.
Intuitive and connected
Apart from the actual start button, you can operate the UF-1000i entirely automatically using the information-processing unit, or IPU. Thanks to intuitive menus and icons, it is extremely easy to use. And through the IPU database, you have direct access to patient data, test orders and all analysis results, including scattergrams, histograms and QC data.

The IPU makes data handling easier. It offers patient-related cumulative data as well as the famous Q-flags proven many times over in Sysmex haematology systems. There is a full error and user database and you can connect the UF-1000i to our Extended IPU system and therefore link to remote labs and other databases .

With multi-lingual operator software, an extended data storage capacity, network capabilities and flexible connectivity to peripheral devices such as Host, barcode scanner and printers, the UF-1000i is ready for the future.
Technologies fluorescence flow cytometry with diode laser and
hydrodynamic focussing
2 separate channels: 1 for bacteria, 1 for all sediment particles Parameters WBC, RBC, EC, CAST, BACT, SRC, YLC, SPERM, X’TAL, P.CAST, MUCUS,
conductivity, RBC info, UTI info Throughput normal mode: up to 100 samples/hour
special (high precision bacteria) mode: up to 80 samples/hour Sample volumes 4 mL for sampler mode
1 mL for manual mode Data storage 10,000 samples (incl. graphics)
5,000 patients’ information
1,000 selective test orders Quality control 24 QC files with 300 data points each
2-level control material UF II CONTROL in slightly and high pathologic range Interfaces Windows®XP user interface
Host (Ethernet or serial),
graphic and/or line printer (USB)
bar code scanner (USB) Options rack samplers for 50 (5 x 10 or 10 x 5) sample tubes
incl. bar code reader for sampler mode
hand-held bar code reader for manual mode
printer (graphic and/or line printers) Configurations with work area management system sis-u
additional possibility of test strip reader connection to sis-u Dimensions/weights 580x615x710/75.5 (main unit with sampler)
305x85x345/8 (IPU: information-processing unit)
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